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I would like to create a cloud base database to capture subscriber profile details. Later add android/iphone app

Here's the high level requirements:
Project provides method to assist users in becoming accountable, users can set goals (short & long term)

Login to website - user will register and create login/password
-User will create profile with name, address, email, date of birth, etc.

1) Database keeps track (date:min / hour / month ), first time registered, last time logged in, next time to login
2) Sends notification SMS / Email at "Next time to login"
3) will send notification (# times) after "next time to login"
4) pre-defined sms/email is sent or user can create
5) After "# times" another email sent

Database will contain profile, user defined text field, documents (text and photos)

Back-end access for administration
6) Database searchable
7) Database cant be sorted
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